Stereo Skateboards

Founded in 1992 by renowned professional skateboarders and longtime friends Jason Lee and Chris Pastras, Stereo came as a breath of fresh air during a time that many skaters felt that skateboarding had creatively hit rock bottom.

Stereo’s unique and highly innovative approach to skating, with emphasis on style, originality and plain old fashion fun, was quickly embraced by the skateboard community. By incorporating street art, 50s and 60s design, jazz album cover artwork and ideas pulled from early men’s magazines, Stereo has been credited as revolutionizing skateboard graphics, artwork and advertising. The classic Americana styles Stereo produced — and continues to produce — carries with it a lightness and humour that promotes individuality and creativity amongst skateboarders of all ages.

Today’s Sound Agents are considered to be some of the most naturally gifted and innovative skateboarders on the scene. The internationally diverse team consisting of Clint Peterson, Benny Fairfax, Jack Sabback and Raymond Molinar is a true skateboarding force to be reckoned with as well as the Classics team with legends such as Matt Rodriguez, Chris Miller, Carl Shipman and naturally Jason and Chris themselves.

Amidst ongoing collaborations with well-respected lifestyle brands, the forthcoming release of the highly anticipated film titled Journey Through Sound and over 18 years of industry experience, Stereo continues to be an influential skateboard brand and is now on its way to be coming a lifestyle powerhouse.

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