Gunmetal Trucks

In 2009, the concept for Gunmetal Truck Manufacturing began with a need. Longboard trucks designed by skaters who demanded something better, a high performance longboard and retro mini cruiser truck in one company didn’t exist.

Born out of a garage in Southern California, tested on the historic Santa Cruz Mountains, Gunmetal trucks stands for change. Dedicated to bringing skateboarding back to its roots while incorporating modern styling, breaking the mold of what a longboard truck company should be. Gunmetal Trucks is changing up the game.

All Gunmetal Trucks are proudly built stock, ready to ride with Venom Bushings which are made in USA. Venom was founded by pro downhill skateboarder Zak Maytum while pouring bushings with a home made formula in his garage as a teenager. Rider tested, developed and proven on the podium by the world’s top riders, Venom takes performance to the next level ( It comes as no surprise that we would choose to stock nothing but the best in our trucks.

Proper bushing seats that fit any Venom Bushing configuration, standardized 6-hole baseplate patterns, Removable Grade 8 Kingpins, and Zinc plated hardware, Gunmetal never compromises quality. Response, smooth carves and stability with speed in one cast truck. Performance blended with clean, sleek lines, modeled after old pistols set Gunmetal apart from the rest.

It’s not for everybody, so choose your weapon wisely.

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