Gravity Skateboards

Gravity Skateboards has been a dedicated manufacturer of high performance, quality longboard skateboards and specialty skateboards since 1994. We do our best to provide a wide range of skateboards, wheels and accessories to stoke out skateboarders of all different styles. So whatever you are into we have the setup for you. Check us out at your local shop right now and see what happens when quality is number one.

Living in San Diego North and being avid surfers, everyone at Gravity is looking at the bigger picture. We’re trying to make a difference. Our measurement of success is not based on profit, but on the effect we, and our customers have on the environment.

Saving the environment was never so much fun.
Skateboarding can be as extreme as Bruce Logan racing down a city street, connected by nothing but the front two wheels of his board at far beyond the posted speed limit, or as relaxing as gently rolling through a city park. That’s the happy part. The green feet part may be a little less obvious. Quick, name a form of transportation other than walking that rivals skateboarding as the least expensive and most earth-friendly mode of transportation there is. Gravity founder and CEO Michael Bream sometimes daydreams of a better world where excessive greenhouse gases, acid rain and smog, are all things of the past. This, he realizes, could all accomplished through skateboarding. “If everyone rode skateboards to work one day a week, we would have a much cleaner, healthier world. Of course, that’s just a dream, but we at Gravity encourage dreams, and with our new green technologies like Eco-Tech, Earth-Fibe, Enviro-Gripe and V-Lam we are doing our little part to move things toward that ideal state. Since 1994, fun and environmentalism have guided our philosophy. Now that philosophy has a name: Happy Green Feet.”

Made from Jute or hemp, this 100 per cent natural fiberglass product known as Earth-Fibe, won’t break any easier than standard fiberglass, but will break down over time. This leads to less landfill with no harmful airborne fiberglass particles to breathe in. Earth-Fibe has been proven strong enough to take the pounding of the street, yet equally or more flexible than traditional fiberglass, without any of the drawbacks. Unlike the fiberglass used by other manufacturers, Earth-Fibe will biodegrade over time, rather than break into smaller and smaller pieces, which never really go back to the earth.

With problems like decreasing air quality on everyone’s mind these days, it’s great to know that somebody’s working to do something about it. With Eco-Tech you won’t be breathing fiberglass splinters. Since Eco-Tech is made from monofilament fibers, there are no airborne particles to worry about. This is good for our workers and the general population.

Made entirely from ground up and smoothed down recycled bottles, our new decking is fastened to our boards with water-based urethane, to help insure safe riding and a healthier environment.

V-LAM – saving trees, one Skateboard at a time:
Not content to go down the bamboo path, Gravity offers V-lam, a new technology that turns our birch scraps into some of the most resilient and cool looking skateboards on the market. The scrap wood from our skateboards, which would normally be recycled by us, now goes directly toward making a stronger skateboard, not only giving your board longer life, but adding a brilliant new dimension to the look of your ride. What could be more win-win than improved skateboards and more trees? V-Lam is currently available in our 27” Mini and our 42” Spoon Nose.

Our commitment at Gravity since day one was to a fun-filled green environment. We only use only water based inks and graphics that employ Simple Green for cleanup.

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